Wall mount for M73

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Wall mount for M73

Another day at the office

The courier delivered the package with your first M73 camera.
Great day! (some would say).
You open the box and place the camera on your desk.
You plug the camera into the switch and start browsing the Admin and Setup pages.
There's a new AI section down below. A lot of AI apps ready to be tested. Free of charge. For 30 days.

Party time

Let's do it!
You need to install the camera so it can see action: moving people, moving cars, moving trees.
Best place is to screw it on your building's outside wall.
You prepare your tools, screws, Ethernet cable.
Then you realize there is no way to pass the cable between the camera and the wall.

We did the same. Then created the M73 wall mount

We made an adapter that allows you to pass the ethernet cable between the camera and the wall.
So you do not need to drill holes for connectors.
You don't need to pass the cable through the wall.
You don't need to keep the camera on your desk because you don't have another option.

Get more details here

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