About us

Who we are:

LANTEC Romania known as mobotix.ro entered almost 20 years ago into the Mobotix family as distributor in Romania. As we developed some custom unique products, we decided to share them with all the Mobotix partners worldwide.

What you see is what you get:

    There are a few ways to convince end users on the advantages of Mobotix:
    • Using marketing documentation, technical details, plans on paper and still or recorded footage in various locations. The old fashioned way everybody can do.
    • Using a Site Survey System to take short recordings from the customer's exact site, in the exact required locations, showing the exact areas and details he needs. You estimate the exact amount and type of cameras and the exact coverage. Nothing more, nothing less. It takes from half an hour to a few hour depending on size, and there are no cabling, installations, loan equipment involved. You give the customer the chance to see on his computer, on MxMC directly, his fully operating surveillance system before ordering, installing and paying it.

    Adapters for any Mobotix camera on any mount:

    Did you ever want to install a v26 on a concrete ceiling or wall but don't need audio, or a p26 on a wall, or mount a S16 image sensor in a race car or on an acrobatic plane's wing using GoPRO standard mounts?
    We faced all of this requirements in time, so we developped right the adapters you need.
    Right here.