Site Survey System - Complete

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Site survey system complete, assembled, fully configured and tested, accessible via WiFi and powered by rechargeable battery pack up to 8 hours; the stand is not included. You can purchase it locally after a google search "light stand 4m".

KIT ON STOCK! 10-30 days for installing MOBOTIX parts

Product code: MX-SSV-10-B - black
MX-SSV-10-W - white

Parts included in delivery:

Site survey system housing: 1 pc.
Hemispheric adapter 1 pc.
Pole mount 1 pc.
Rechargeable battery 1,500 mAh 1 pc.
PoE converter 5VDC 1 pc.
Wireless access point 1 pc.
Mobotix camera Mx-S16B 1 pc.
Mobotix adapter MX-OPT-NPA1-EXT 1 pc.
Mobotix mount MX-PTMount-OPT-PW 4 pcs.
Mobotix cable MX-CBL-MU-EN-STR-05 4 pcs.
Mobotix sensor 180° Mx-O-SMA-S-6D016 1 pc.
Mobotix sensor 103° Mx-O-SMA-S-6D036 1 pc.
Mobotix sensor 45° Mx-O-SMA-S-6D079 1 pc.
Mobotix sensor 15° Mx-O-SMA-S-6D237 1 pc.