Q: Do you deliver worldwide?
A: We ship Standard Ground to all countries in Europe and we recently added Expedited shipment to North America.

Q: Does the Site Survey System include the tripod stand?
A: The tripod stand is not included. We will soon offer also tripods as accessories. We recommend you to get one that reaches 4 meters when fully extended. You can purchase it locally, it's faster and cheaper. Search on amazon.com "light stand 13 foot" 13 foot equals 4 meters.

Q: Do you sell to anyone?
A: We do not sell to private persons. We sell only to Mobotix partners and distributors.

Q: What is the transport cost?
A: After you register, insert the desired items and quantities in the cart. Shipment is calculated at checkout based on quantity and destination, so just press the checkout button to get your total calculation.

Q: Can I get a discount?
A: We offer discounts related to items category and purchase quantity.