NEW mount for p2x and c2x

Posted by Radu Cristea on

Introductory offer for testing

Depending or your next order's value, you can get the first* Direct wall mount for pc2x with 50% discount** or even FREE***

Always looking to improve

Our first wall adapter for p26 cameras needs also a MOBOTIX MX-MT-OW-1. And therefore it adds some height to the final assembly and additional cost.

We started from scratch with a complete new design. It had to be smaller and not include additional MOBOTIX parts. We finally made it!

Smaller and cheaper

The new concept takes advantage of the compact volume of the camera and uses a simple and solid fixing frame for the camera. Less money, less height.

Easy to mount, compact design

The adapter consists in 3 parts:

  • Frame - fixed on the wall to hold the camera
  • Holder - holds the camera tight on the frame
  • Cover - covers the frame and the top of the camera

* The introductory offer is valid one time per customer, for one Direct wall mount for pc2x adapter only.

** The first Direct wall mount for pc2x adapter ordered gets 50% discount.
*** If the order's total value is more than 200 EUR, the first Direct wall mount for pc2x adapter is FREE OF CHARGE.

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