Desktop mount for MxDisplay+ Compact

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MxDisplay Compact

As the only way to install your MxDisplay+ is the wall mount, we came with the Desktop mount, Swan style. So you can plug it in a network outlet or PoE adapter and place it on your desk, or anywhere in your house.

It became a habit to start from scratch with a complete new design. It had to be smaller, look cool and not include additional MOBOTIX parts. We finally made it!

Smaller and cheaper

The new concept is smaller than the Swan style and uses a click mechanism for the MxDisplay+. And it does not require any additional frame or accessories. Just connect the cable, and press to click. Less money, less volume less time to install.

Cool design and many colour options

It is available in the classic black and white colour, complementary light gray or dark gray and also in modern colours like light blue and orange. In combination with the black and white option of the MxDisplay+, you can find the best match your office or home design.

Easy to install

The Click-mount system allows mounting the display in the mount without any screws, adapter, or frame.

 MxDisplay Install MxDisplay uninstall

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