Chameleon mount for MOBOTIX S74

Posted by Radu Cristea on

A Gold idea

One month ago, Frank "Gold-IP" Goldewijk asked us if we have some case to fit the S74 and 2 sensors on a pole. We did not, so we took the drawing board and came out with the Chameleon mount.

One camera instead of two

It is very often that you need to watch in two different directions at the same time. License plate recognition In and OUT, for example.
2 instead of one

Easy to mount, compact design

The Chameleon mount fits the S74 body and the sensor cables having the 2 PTMOUNT adapters fixed at the bottom. The case has venting channels on both sides of the S74 to allow cooling by natural air flow. The hoes in the back allows direct fit on the standard MOBOTIX M73 Pole mount.

Chameleon mount split view

 Please check the complete product description


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