Chameleon double-decker for S74

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This PETG 3D printed Chameleon double-decker mount accommodates 2 pairs of sensor-IR illuminators that point in 2 different directions. The vertical tilt angle is 0 to 50° down and 360° horizontally. The case is 2 cm taller than the Chameleon to accommodate 4 MOBOTIX sensor cables. The newly upgraded slider design allows installation of the complete system on the ground before fixing it on the pole or wall. You can install it on either the Mx-M-PM-M7 Pole mount for M73 models or straight on the wall because the included Slider plate fits both. It has a special natural flow ventilation design to allow proper cooling of the S74 body.

Please allow 1-10 days for production depending on quantity.

Product code: MX-LAN-CHADD-W - white
MX-LAN-CHADD-B - black
Mount type: Pole or Wall
Compatibility: S74
Included: Chameleon case  x 1
Chameleon base cover x 1
Double-decker mount x 2
Screw M4x16 x 8
S74 blocker x 2
Screw M6x16 x 4
Slider plate x 1
MOBOTIX parts required: S74A Body x 1
M73/S74 Sensor modules x 2
M73/S74 Illuminators x 2
Sensor Cable 1m for S7x straight-angled x 4
Mx-M-PM-M7 Pole mount for M73 models x 1
Dimensions: Dimensions